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Classic Engines, Modern Fuel

Supporting Children's Education

The Project is progressing well - see how we are getting on.

The royalties from the sale of Classic Engines, Modern Fuel will be used to support the educatation of children in the third world. It is my intention to work directly with schools and I have now found somebody who has direct contact with a rural village in Tanzania.

Girl from village

My education has served me very well and is the reason I was able to write Classic Engines, Modern Fuel. I am keen to give others as many opportunities as possible. Unlike material things such as shoes, education will last a lifetime.

How best to help? I believe the best way is to ask.

Through my contact I am finding out what the teachers and the children need.

Boy from village

The things they have asked for are:

  1. Pencils for the children to write with.
  2. Books for then to use. The picture shows what they are using at the moment.
  3. Pencil sharpeners.
  4. Rubbers
  5. If possible a bag for them to put these in.

Not very much at all. But these things will make a huge difference to their lives. So how can you help?

if you buy a copy of the book you will be contributing in a small way towards this project. Any additional money you can give will make a tangible difference. You can either send a donation to PayPal or contact me.

Also if you know of a company that can supply any of the items above, please let me know.

Keep an eye on this site. I will be publishing updates on progress on these pages.

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